Bless the Child

Bless the unmotivated child who cannot find value

In nouns and verbs, long division, or finding the author’s purpose.

Bless the child of the alcoholic father,

And the mother who is struggling just to survive each day.

Bless the child who has had television as his babysitter

Since the time he could first sit up, his neurons now incompatible

With sitting silently in straight rows,

Success being judged on the ability to decipher line upon line

Of code sprawled across endless pages.

Bless the angry child who never knows

What he will come home to or if he’ll get the rest he needs tonight;

The child who is crying for a Mommy or a Daddy

To give him a hug or say “How was your day?”

The child who might have to search through bare cupboards

To make his supper tonight.

Bless the angry child, who has been told

Again and again that he is no good.

May he somehow discover the Creator of all good things

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