“The Great Stink of London”

In contrast to yesterday’s serious post on Spurgeon and depression, today I am going for some levity.

In A Misplaced Beauty, Georgina and Malcolm write back and forth during their brief courtship. Though Malcolm’s letters are typically anti-London and Georgina’s the opposite, she counterargues her own stance when she brings up a stench that made world history.

I am attaching an article about “The Great Stink of London” and the page from the novel where Georgina’s mother compares the smell of her daughter’s hair to the polluted River Thames during the summer of 1858. I hope you enjoy the awesome political cartoons that were making a statement in publications over 150 years ago!

Today’s message for 2021: Let’s not forget to appreciate items we often take for granted like scented candles that make your home smell like a bakery, perfumes that we find that fit our personalities, and the fact that our convenient indoor plumbing comes with septic regulations.


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