Georgina and the Beatitudes


The Beatitudes are quotations from Christ that teach us to be humble, merciful, peacemaking, empathetic, persistent, pure of mind… They also are a reminder of eternity.  I have attached links that explain these verses and give us ideas of how to apply them to our lives. 

My favorite pages in A Misplaced Beauty are Georgina’s letters to Malcolm and her journal entries.  (I plan on putting more excerpts from her journals in the sequels about her three sisters.)  I love Georgina’s views on Victorian society, on all the strange beliefs and ironies.  I also love how she retains that suffragette spirit throughout her life.  Once she becomes a believer, she advocates for women even more because she sees Christ as champion of women. 

On the page that I am sharing, her governess has punished Georgina for breaking her mother’s precious Waterford bowl by forcing Georgina to translate the Beatitudes into French.  Georgina gets revenge by adding her own verses… Enjoy her Victorian saltiness!

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