A Cursed Enchantment

I have been falling in love with quite the family of characters. Miniatures brought to life by the greatest magician in all Crepundia, they have been abandoned and must find their way in a world full of perils. I can’t decide which character I like best: Nana, whose quirky sayings are full of wisdom? Livia,Continue reading “A Cursed Enchantment”

The Thought Behind Elsie’s Name

I brainstormed many titles for my novel Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills. I had a few great titles that were much more intriguing and trendy. However, I always came back to Elsie Whitmore. I am glad I had the freedom to name my own ‘book-child’! The name Elsie is a tribute to aContinue reading “The Thought Behind Elsie’s Name”

Characters in Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills

Two of my favorite characters in my Elsie Whitmore novel are Elsie’s grandfather and a tree. Yes, a tree. I hope you don’t mind me introducing them to you! Grandpa Whitmore is a farmer who has a strong faith and loves his family. He is quite the storyteller, and he loves to laugh. It isContinue reading “Characters in Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills”

Palm Sunday Now and in Victorian Times

Palm Sunday was one of my favorite days growing up! I loved when our deacons passed out palm branches, and the children led a procession around the church waving them. In our small country church, we didn’t get just a leaflet, we each had an entire palm branch. Some of them were big enough toContinue reading “Palm Sunday Now and in Victorian Times”

Using my Philippians 4:8 Thought-Filter as I Head into Next Week

            My mind has been swirling with worries as I think of Scranton teachers teaching from the buildings next week on a synchronous schedule:  What if my classroom PC, which is almost a decade old, lags so much that the students can’t hack it?  What if I try to use the Chromebook assigned to meContinue reading “Using my Philippians 4:8 Thought-Filter as I Head into Next Week”

Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills

This week I published another of my books. Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills is the start of a contemporary series of books partially set in the fictional town of Oak Hills, Pennsylvania. The main character, Elsie, is a 6th grade teacher whose YouTube videos catches the attention of a famous actor and playwright,Continue reading “Elsie Whitmore: A Star from Oak Hills”

Georgina and the Beatitudes

1/4/20 The Beatitudes are quotations from Christ that teach us to be humble, merciful, peacemaking, empathetic, persistent, pure of mind… They also are a reminder of eternity.  I have attached links that explain these verses and give us ideas of how to apply them to our lives.  My favorite pages in A Misplaced Beauty areContinue reading “Georgina and the Beatitudes”

“The Great Stink of London”

In contrast to yesterday’s serious post on Spurgeon and depression, today I am going for some levity. In A Misplaced Beauty, Georgina and Malcolm write back and forth during their brief courtship. Though Malcolm’s letters are typically anti-London and Georgina’s the opposite, she counterargues her own stance when she brings up a stench that madeContinue reading ““The Great Stink of London””