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Here’s Nellie! She will officially enter this world on February 15th.

The softcover edition of Nellie from the Apron Strings series.  Pictured is a young brunette wearing an apron and carrying a tray of coconut macaroons.

One cookbook connects them all…
Nellie ~ Book Two in a string of heartfelt inspirational stories, featuring different women throughout the decades from 1920 to 2020.

Finances are tight for the O’Dwyer family who live on a mountain outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1931. Life gets even harder when their beloved Dadaí must cease work as a coal miner to become a patient at the West Mountain Sanitarium.

Nellie is her preferred name, but family and friends have heard Mam shout “Fenella Aileen O’Dwyer!” all too often with the countless predicaments she got herself into throughout childhood. So, it’s not altogether surprising when Nellie impulsively accepts a job as an assistant cook at the Clarinda House in a case of mistaken identity — though she’s the last person her family would ask to prepare a meal.

Fortunately, along with determination, a talent for acting, and the gift of blarney, Nellie has Mrs. Canfield’s Cookery Book, a treasure she discovered at a Red Cross drought relief sale. As her reluctant admiration for her employer grows, Nellie wishes she could be the truthful woman of faith that Mr. Mason Peale esteems. If she confesses all, will she lose her job along with the friendships she’s formed at Clarinda House?

Nellie is part of the Apron Strings Series. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CM3YLF8P We’d love to join us in the Apron Strings Readers Group on Facebook. There is something lovely going on just about every day. https://www.facebook.com/groups/apronstringsreaders

Introducing The Walshwick Papers: A Victorian serial that centers around Spurgeon’s Stockwell Orphanage!

A header bordered with photos of Charles Spurgeon, orphans at Stockwell Orphanage, a lady in mourning, and Victorian clipart.  "The Walshwick Papers"

Unfortunately, this serial novel will only be available to my newsletter subscribers. (Never fear, I do not spam my subscribers. More likely, you will have to hound me to send newsletters more frequently so you can get the next Chatelaine Trinket to access each new installment!)

For those who love A Misplaced Beauty, GEORGINA will save the day in Installment Number I, when she gets an urgent telegraph from Charles Spurgeon — asking her to check on a schoolteacher who lost many students in the Victoria Hall Disaster. She finds Ivy Edwards in a very dark place.

Georgina’s comfort provides enough physical and emotional nourishment for Ivy to begin her journey to London where she will be mentored by Susie Spurgeon and eventually work in the Stockwell Orphanage.

Whether you have read A Misplaced Beauty or not (By the way, why haven’t you? — haha just kidding!) you will find Ivy’s journey has you on the edge of your seat. I am crying both happy and sad tears myself as I journey with Ivy. There are mysteries and some romance along the way. Best of all, there is so much wisdom to gain from watching Susie Spurgeon come alongside Ivy.

There are also some SNEAK PEAKS to some of the London Debutantes for those who are patiently and impatiently waiting for the next novel in the series!

Here is the subscribe button to get your first Victorian Trinket, the key to the first edition of the Walshwick Papers: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/k2a9n1

Voices in the Sanitorium

A young girl holding the paperback of Voices in the Sanitorium

Relocating from Manhattan, teenaged Aislyn must adjust to life near the abandoned West Mountain Sanitorium. One night, Aislyn joins new friends in the old ruins — and seems to return home with a different personality. Not long after Aislyn purchases a diary written almost a century ago by Bridget, a young patient recovering from tuberculosis in the sanitorium, strange things begin to happen.


A Dark Lustre

I am so happy to announce that one of my novels is included in the 5th season of Thanksgiving Books & Blessings! This multi-author series focuses on American history up and including the Vietnam War. Each book is a standalone.

The cover of A Dark Lustre with the heading "False hopes exchanged for lasting light."

Eager to join her family in America, Emiliana crosses the Atlantic with hope for a bright future. During the voyage, Austin, the Viscount of Marshallford, gains her admiration when he befriends the parents of her four young charges. Determined to save his family estate, he journeys to marry an American heiress, never expecting to fall in love with a penniless Polish nanny. Once in Pennsylvania, both find that tragic circumstances call for desperate measures. If they ever meet again, how could Emiliana trust a man seeking an alliance with those oppressing her family?


A Fundraiser for Marley’s Mission!


Students from Isaac Tripp Elementary show how one topic can be used across many genres in this anthology of short stories. From a realistic sports story to a fairy tale to humorous science fiction, fifth-graders tell what it is like to be trapped in a jar, while donating their time and talent to write and illustrate for a good cause: Marley’s Mission!

A schoolgirl holding Trapped in a Jar

Here is the sales link:


Some Fifth-grade students from I.T.E. have been giving up free time and recesses to use their writing and illustrating talents to raise money for Marley’s Mission! Walsh Mountain Publishing is proud to announce the upcoming release of TRAPPED IN A JAR!

Here is the link for Marley’s Mission, a foundation that helps children heal from trauma using horses as therapy: https://marleysmission.com/

The cover of His Brother's Atonement next to a reader's quote: "I've never considered how the family of a criminal suffers too."

His Brother’s Atonement

I am so honored to have joined the authors from Whispers in Wyoming with my first book in the series, His Brother’s Atonement!

Shane Phillips had given up hope of ever meeting the nephew born to the woman his brother assaulted. After checks he sent to Aubrey Anders were returned, Shane decided the most he could ever do was pray for the Anders family. When Shane discovers that he and Aubrey work for the same graphic arts company, he must find a way to assure her he means no harm before both Wyoming branches meet for a conference.
Aubrey thinks she has worked through most of her trauma with the help of her psychologist and loving community. However, meeting Shane Phillips seems to have unleashed suppressed anxiety and insecurity. But as their paths continue to intersect, Aubrey begins to wonder if Shane could be part of God’s plan for her despite their painful connection.

"A young mother so wounded by his brother... Could Shane find a way to make her life better?"

Here is the purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/Brothers-Atonement-Whispers-Wyoming-Book-ebook/dp/B09XKNR9NM/

And here is the link to join the Whispers in Wyoming community. There are so many lovely books in this series. They are all stand-alone! https://www.facebook.com/groups/102725340435705

As I was researching for this novel, I read too many firsthand accounts of women who had been assaulted and the devastating effects of the violence in their lives. According to rainn.org, every 68 seconds another American is assaulted, and one out of every six American women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. According to multiples sources, there are at least 30,000 rape-related pregnancies in the U.S. each year. Sexual violence is a significant problem in the U.S., and in other countries around the globe, it is even more rampant.
As I was delving into Aubrey’s thoughts and pondering how her assault had affected her and her family, I decided that I needed to do more to help women and children who have been victimized. As a first step, ten percent of the profits from the sales of His Brother’s Atonement will be donated to Heaven’s Family. To find out more about this organization, follow this link: https://www.heavensfamily.org/…/victims-of-sexual…/

Other Books from Walsh Mountain Publishing

A Christmas set -- A Cursed Enchantment and the companion coloring book

Latest Release: A Cursed Enchantment is the first of the Dolls of Mahogany Manor series written under the pen name Amelie Lynn. Find more about it at Whimsy by Candlelight on Facebook and on http://www.dollsofmahoganymanor.com! There is a companion coloring and activity book that was illustrated by Connie Sica.

In a land where magic is forbidden, a miniature family awakens on top of an enormous table. They see their mansion in the distance, sitting on the floor of a giant room. Before long, the Dolls of Mahogany Manor realize that they have been abandoned by the sorcerer who created them, and if humans discover them, they will be destroyed. If they work together, can this tiny family survive in a world full of danger and solve the mystery of their existence?

Here are the links to purchase A Cursed Enchantment https://www.amazon.com/Cursed-Enchantment-Dolls-Mahogany-Manor-ebook/dp/B099YT8QRR/ and the Mahogany Manor coloring book https://www.amazon.com/Mahogany-Manor-Coloring-Activity-Victorian-Inspired/dp/B09CC74PDY/

The cover of A Misplaced Beauty with the Durham Cathedral in the background

Georgina Huxington has been the toast of London for three straight seasons due to her beauty, wit, and rejection of many suitors. When she discovers that her sisters greatly fear her pickiness is jeopardizing their own chances of making a satisfactory marriage, she promises to marry the next man who proposes; as long as her father believes the man will make a considerate husband. Her consequent decision to marry Lord Malcolm Birmingham, who avoids London society and treats his peasants like family, disappoints many, especially those who have been placing wagers on just how many marriage proposals Georgina will reject.

After an extremely awkward honeymoon, Georgina fears that her tactlessness has cost her any chance of emotional or physical intimacy with her husband. Georgina’s admiration for her husband continues to grow as she observes his diligence and devotion to helping the less fortunate, but her prideful choices wreak havoc on her marriage. What must Georgina do to win Malcolm’s forgiveness now that she has finally realized that she greatly respects and loves the man she has married?

Here is the link for A Misplaced Beauty: https://www.amazon.com/Misplaced-Beauty-Debutantes-Georgina-Debutante-ebook/dp/B08RRQTLH3/

The cover of Elsie Whitmore.  "Will Elsie return to her teaching community, or will she pursue her love for Graham Thurston and acting for Proscenium Studios?

Elsie Whitmore, a teacher from the small town of Oak Hills, Pennsylvania, is shocked when one of her YouTube videos goes viral, drawing the attention of the famous actor Graham Thurston. When Thurston seeks to cast her in a film that he is directing, Elsie is conflicted: Should she give up teaching, a career she finds deeply fulfilling, for her childhood dream of becoming an actress? Join Elsie Whitmore as she travels down the bumpy road of being cast in a film production and falling in love with a movie star, while being homesick for her family, friends, and students back home in Oak Hills. Will Elsie return to teaching and her close-knit community, or will she pursue her love for Graham Thurston and acting for Proscenium Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

You can purchase Elsie Whitmore using this link: https://www.amazon.com/Elsie-Whitmore-Star-Oak-Hills-ebook/dp/B08Z35ZTW5/

The Year of the Mask being pulled from a library shelf.

The lives of people all across the globe were changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students attending Isaac Tripp Elementary in Scranton, Pennsylvania were dismissed one day in March 2020, with no inkling that they would not return to brick and mortar for an entire year. This anthology of memoirs written by 5th graders gives their first-hand accounts of the difficulties they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a primary source that future generations can read to learn more about the struggles and the successes of children such as these during this challenging time.

Proceeds from this book will be donated to Jack of Hearts – PA, Inc, a nonprofit organization dear to Isaac Tripp Elementary staff and students. Jack of Hearts – PA provides education, resources, and hope to families of pediatric cardiac patients, in addition to supported charitable organizations in PA.

To purchase The Year of the Mask, click here: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Mask-Experiencing-COVID-19-Grader-ebook/dp/B0976GFRSB/

Softcovers of three novels held by a woman drinking coffee.

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