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Mornings at Character Café — Featuring Ally from Deep End of the Lake

Character Café is the last stop on a CelebrateLit tour! Stay tuned until the end for an incredible GIVEAWAY opportunity! Ally, it is so good to have you here at Character Café!  To be honest, I didn’t have much faith that you were going to survive the scary incident in Lake Surrender.  I was sitting […]

A Morning at Character Cafe — Biblical Times

Welcome our new book barista, Terri Lynn Flowers! So Aban, it’s my understanding that you may become a prominent figure in your city. Is this correct and can you explain? Yes, I’m an acolyte and just recently I was in the process of receiving my “First Rights” to become a priest when an old man […]

Mornings at Character Café

Meet BLAIRE BEECHY from WAGONS WEST How would you describe yourself?Well . . . I am . . . a widow. I hate the word, I can’t stand the thought, but that’s what I am. When Howard passed so suddenly and, uh . . . Well, I was a bit lost. For my adult life, […]

Chronicles of Courage — Episode 3

Does Love Lead the Way? I am so blessed to meet lovely people from all over the world and in all walks of life while online.  One such dear soul is Tina.  She posted a comment during one of my bookish events, and I thought – I must have this lady on my blog for […]

A Special Night at Character Café

Featuring Emiliana Kowalski from A Dark Lustre Welcome to Character Café!  Have a seat right over there.  Oh my goodness, you are soaked! I will go get you a towel. Thank you very much.  And thank you for letting me come into the café. I know I probably don’t smell like flowers or spices.  With […]

Welcome to Character Café!

Featuring Francis Lee from New Beginnings Good morning, Francis! It is so good to see you out and about. I am so sorry about all of your losses a few months ago when scarlet fever went through town. You got hit so hard, losing your parents and your husband all within a few days. Are […]

Mini-History Lessons for A Dark Lustre

(These are from the back matter of the novel. The links were not listed in the paperback version.) Castle Garden On the southern tip of Manhattan, Castle Garden began as a military fort, then became an entertainment center which included a restaurant and a theater.  But from 1855 until 1890, it was the immigration center […]

Mornings at Character Café — The Promise

Are you okay? You look like you could use some TLC. Let me just finish cleaning off this table, and you can sit down right here. We believe a great hot drink and some comfort food is great therapy here at Character Café. Thank you. My name is Dakota… Taylor (sniffs). I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. […]


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