I Give You All My Whys

I wrote this poem years ago for a devotional. It’s still one of my favorites because it reminds me of God’s sovereignty and my need to trust Him even when I don’t understand the “whys.”

I give You all my “whys”.

I don’t need reasons.

Or, to see strands

Of circumstance unraveled.

I give You all my “why”s.

For You have given me a “when”.

There will come a day

When I will stand

Before Your raw glory.

When Your love’s intensity

Will consume me,

Instantly obliterating

Years of earthly strain.

You took away the”if”,

By your sacrifice of pain.

Now there’s certainty, for I believe.

The “how” just gives me awe,

“How could YOU love me?”

So, I give you all my “why”s

And, look forward to my “when”.

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