Why a literary blog?

I have been an avid reader since well before I was a preteen, when having read all other genres I could find, I began raiding the boxes of romance novels in my grandmother’s attic in between trips to our local libraries. I continue to have a passion for reading as an adult. In fact, I have had to place myself on a book limit in order to devote adequate time to my roles as wife, mother, and teacher!

I love to write just as much! I most often write songs, poems, short stories, and articles, but I have also written novels. If I didn’t have to worry so much about editing, I would enjoy writing even more, and I would be more prolific!

I teach English Language Arts to 5th graders at a public school in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with minors in English and social science and a masters in Special Education. I have participated in writing workshops at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference and many professional training sessions that pertain to my career as a writing teacher.

Why a literary blog? Because words fascinate me. Because bringing a character to life in someone else’s mind seems like a superpower. Because learning from literature is good for the mind and soul.

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