Introducing Amelie Lynn

My first fantasy novel will release in a couple of weeks!  A Cursed Enchantment is the adventure of a family of dolls who have been brought to life and then abandoned by a grieving sorcerer.   Since this is a whole new genre for me, I decided to use a penname, Amelia Lynn, and develop a new brand.

Amelie Lynn is a 3D cartoon who has ‘come to life’ to help me write the Dolls of Mahogany Manor series.  Amelie lives in a house built of books, sees fairies during walks in the woods, collects miniatures and tiny houses, and reads by candlelight.   She is the host of Whimsy by Candlelight on Facebook. 

Check out the Dolls of Mahogany Manor page and Amelie’s blog: She will be posting daily as she starts the countdown to August 12th, the launch of A Cursed Enchantment.

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