Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 14

To me, heroes are people who accomplish and persevere despite living with pain and the significant obstacles that have cropped up along their life journey.  The author I am introducing on my blog today, Jenny Knipfer, shows heroic courage and tenacity.  As she began to lose abilities due to the disease affecting her brain and body, she looked for a way to glorify God despite her weaknesses, and as a result she has been blessed with a remarkable ministry and success as an author. 

I got to know Jenny when I joined her Facebook group, Journeying with Jenny, which is a place of inspiration and encouragement for authors and avid readers. Eventually, I read and reviewed her novel, In a Grove of Maples, which I thought was lovely. I am honored to introduce you to this woman of faith and remarkable author!

Welcome to my blog, Jenny! What would you like readers to know about you?

I have enjoyed many creative pursuits over the years, but I find writing the most fulfilling. Writing helps me understand my world. I filled a copious amount of journals recording my faith journey for more than thirty years. I now use a digital format to record my thoughts, prayers, and stories.

In the past few years, writing has helped me live with the challenging disease of multiple sclerosis. My journey has been riddled with grief and the laying down of abilities I thought I would always be able to use. I’m convinced life is more about what we lay down than pick up. Good things can come out of what we deem “bad” circumstances. MS has taught me to be more resilient, thankful, and gracious towards myself and others. I’ve learned not to give up, to do what I can, and to cherish each day I am given.

Much to my amazement, I became a best-selling author! Take my word for it, a lot can be accomplished in small, seemingly insignificant sections of time. I have three inspirational historical fiction series: By the Light of the MoonSheltering Trees, and Botanical Seasons

Most of all, I’m a daughter saved by God’s grace, strengthened by faith, and transformed by His Spirit. I trust He will fulfill in me all He’s called me to do. I hope you follow along with me as I journey down this road as an author.

What led you to start writing?

Managing through life’s ups and downs led me to start writing. I’ve filled many journals and diaries over the years. With the seasons of life, my writing transitioned to poetry and songs, short stories, and eventually writing full-length novels. 

Tell us about your latest writing project.

I’m currently writing a four-part historical novella series entitled Botanical Seasons. The main character in each has a botanical name, and some significance is placed on a botanical theme in each book. This series has a lighter feel than my other books. Written in one perspective, it has an equal portion of sweet romance and other factors driving the plot. 

Holly’s Homecoming, a Christmas-themed novella and first in the series, releases November 4th.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Do your homework.  Research how to write a novel. Just because you may have technical writing skills doesn’t mean you know how to formulate a well-written story. 

Perspective is the number one factor to consider before starting. Research POVs and decide which is best for your author voice, genre, and particular story. Many beginning novelists make mistakes with point of view that derail their whole book. 

Being an author is a joy, but it is also a lot of hard work — especially being an indie author. Be prepared to put in the time and money if you want your book to sell. Again, research is key. Find ways to market your book and find out what works best for you. 

Finally, keep writing. Don’t give up. You have something valuable to say. 

Thanks for sharing with us, Jenny. And, thanks for being a source of inspiration to so many, with your wise outlook and willingness to share your gifts and faith despite your challenges.

Here are some links so that you can investigate Jenny and her books further: 







Please remember to keep Jenny in your prayers as she goes through the ups and downs of dealing with MS while writing and encouraging other authors through her social media presence. 

For those of you who would like to know more about multiple sclerosis, here is a link to the National MS Society: https://www.nationalmssociety.org/What-is-MS

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