Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 29

As soon as I saw the cover of Stacy’s book, I knew I would have to buy it! What a beautiful scene! And I’ve always had a thing for hot air balloons!

Stacy T. Simmons writes uplifting fiction that delights the reader’s romantic sensibilities. Thirty-four years of marital bliss is a great contributor. She is a mom of two grown children, and she and her family have a menagerie of pets she likes to call “Noah’s Ark.” You can find her working on her next manuscript with a piece of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee nearby. Connect with Stacy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog, Fueled by Faith and Caffeine.

What aspects of your childhood inspired your love for writing? 

When little, my parents would read nightly with me and my sister. As soon as I could read, I’d always have a book to read. I was the first one to raise my hand in elementary school classes to read aloud. Also, watching childhood favorite movies like The Sound of Music and Cinderella, created a deep love of strong story and characters. 

What is something unique about you that your readers might not already know?

I enjoy hiking with my family on vacation or playing in the waves when we get to visit family back “home” in Florida. There’s also a love of Marvel movies in my household as well. We’ve seen all of them at least twice.  

What would you like readers to take away from your novel?  

No matter what is going on in your life, a reason to cheer, or have some quiet time in prayer, Jesus is with you. It can be smoothed out with His love. 

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Take time to study the craft of writing, becoming a published author rarely happens in a flash. As for writing your story-words can drip like that nagging slow faucet we’ve all had on a page. Relax – don’t rush. It’s a definite process to get the story completed and ready to submit.

Secrets have the power to ruin lives. Faith and love have the power to disarm those secrets.

Failure isn’t an option for Faith Fuller, she wants to prove to herself and her very successful parents she can stand on her own, even if it means accepting a job offer from someone she wanted to forget. To add to the problem, that job means facing her biggest fear.
Caleb Gaines is looking for a manager for his coffee shop. He’s in over his head running his successful river outfitters business and being a single dad to a preschooler. But the perfect candidate wants nothing to do with him. Risk-taker Caleb is up for  a challenge and wants to convince Faith to help him.

If neither one relies on faith and learns to trust, any chance at love will be washed downstream.

An out-of-work chef and successful river outfitter are both hiding secret tragedies. How much faith will it take to learn to trust in each other, overcome obstacles, and find love?

I began reading A Promise for Faith before I left for my Scotland trip. I loved the first couple of chapters. I found Stacy’s phrasing so beautiful and touching. I can’t wait to finish reading this lovely novel when I get home!

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3i2Ntep

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