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Felicitations to our illustrious readership upon the dawn of another rendition of The Wordsmithborough Society Pages. It is with certitude that each of the following newsworthy bookery happenstances will thrill the reader that this editor reports the following:

Dial K for Kiss

You may with all eagerness celebrate Tanya Eavenson’s release on the dawn of the thirty-first of October. “Oh the trials of a courtship which has the misfortune of becoming public in an untimely fashion,” may be a theme of this romantic tale. The price is advantageous, merely ninety-nine cents. The linkage from the Shoppe of Amazon is as follows:

Holiday Menace

For those courageous readers who found pleasure in Collin’s Lady in White and Dicken’s Bleak House, there is plentiful treasure to be discovered in an anthology of suspenseful novellas releasing into society on the fourth of October. The illustrious authorship includes Jerusha Agen, Mary Alford, Lori Altebaumer, Danielle Grandinetti, Sarah Hamaker, Kendall Hoxsey, Karen Kirst, Pat O’Brien, Hope Welborn, and Terri Weldon. The kindness of these authors in bequeathing the lowness of price at a paltry ninety-nine cents of a dollar for these romantic suspense narratives is to be commended.

Nature Poetry

The citizens of Wordsmithborough have delighted in the blessing of reading the poetry of Dame Patti Wolf who surely illustrates the gloriousness of nature not unlike our beloved William Wordsworth. This anthology of devotional poems may be located here: or as an alternative here:

A Horseman’s Mission

It should be noted that Lady Sandra Ardoin, whose books are becoming all the rage in Wordsmithborough, shall be imparting our readership with the second book of the Hidden Veil Hometown Series. Townsfolk will be certain to rise at the earliest of hours on the day of the seventeenth of October to purchase this narrative from these virtual shelves: and

When Love Comes

Penny Zeller bequeaths the reader with a question asked by most of humankind, “Can love be found amidst broken hearts and unexpected loss?” She graciously has relayed the good message of there being a special price of ninety cents for her novel When Love Comes which is set to release on the fifth of December. and

Where Love is Planted

Mrs. Dawn Kinzer, an author most adored by society, has just favored our readership with a new inspirational romance entitled Where Love is Planted. This Meriside novel can be found at the address of Many tributes have been written regarding the praiseworthy characterization of this tale.

In a Grove of Maples

This editor had the pleasure of receiving word from Mrs. Jenny Knipfer of in the nature of a celebration and a memorial to her heritage. Mrs. Knipfer wrote the following, “This month I am celebrating two years in print for the first novel, In a Grove of Maples, in my Sheltering Trees series. It is a historical novel inspired by my grandparents and their lives as Wisconsin farmers in the late 1890s. This is a photo that I took myself. In it, it has the few things I now have that were my grandparents: my grandfather’s shaving mug and my grandmother’s glasses.”

This book releases on October 31. Pre-order price for the book is $2.99. Price will go up to $3.99 once released. 

A Simple Plan

This editor proudly credits our dear friend in society, Jessica Marie Holt, with another impressive literary contribution to our readership. Once upon a time, Holden had it pretty good–a nice home, a good family, and a comfortable life. But he wanted more. With stars in his eyes, he set out to make something of himself. Now, after a few disastrously wrong turns, he’s ambling aimlessly through life with his guitar, Betsy, as his only companion. So far, he’s been content to wander, but when he breezes into a new town, everything begins to change. Then winter closes in, and Holden must make a choice. Keep running from himself, or face his past, and change his future.

If I Dream

Mrs. Anne Perreault shall bequeath the citizens of Wordsmithborough with yet another literary contribution. Read all about it here:

Six years ago, Fatima al-Fatah was married off to a man old enough to be her father. At first, she had hoped to find love and belonging in her husband’s established household. The reality has turned out to be much more grim. Jealous and bitter, her husband’s other three wives despise her and constantly berate her for being worthless. Fatima begins to believe in her own worthlessness, as she has been unable to deliver the one thing her husband desperately desires. Things quickly go from bad to worse in the span of a night, leaving her struggling to survive.

When Dr. Zahir Sayeed failed to protect Fatima six years ago, he ran away in shame, never intending to return. He has only come back to his birthplace out of an obligation to his family. Little do they know, he carries a secret that could send him to prison, or worse. When an accident brings Fatima back into his life, he finds himself drawn to her spirit and courage–an attraction that can only bring trouble. As he helps Fatima discover her true worth, he soon realizes that she is on the verge of uncovering a dangerous secret herself . . .

If I Dream

There are many beautiful books releasing this month in the realm of Christian and clean fiction. God bless each author who uses his or her gifts for God’s glory and each reader who encourages and spreads the word.

A Collage of Fall Releases in Christian Fiction

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