A Cursed Enchantment

I have been falling in love with quite the family of characters. Miniatures brought to life by the greatest magician in all Crepundia, they have been abandoned and must find their way in a world full of perils.

I can’t decide which character I like best: Nana, whose quirky sayings are full of wisdom? Livia, who really wishes she could stop being so impulsive? Corbin, full of sweetness but often overshadowed by his twin? Auntie Amita, who can’t stop worrying about the giant who deserted them even though she wishes she could hate him? Felix, who is afraid he will feel alone for the rest of his life?

Here is a little preview of the cover illustration, a work in progress by my dear artist friend, Connie Sica, along with some quotes from A Cursed Enchantment. This novel is meant for those aged ten to 100+ and is a fantasy-fable (a “fantable”). The tentative launch day is September 10th.

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