Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 12

Alina Mitrut I “met” Alina in one of the children’s literature groups that I am in on Facebook. Like me, she loves whimsical stories, castles, travel, and medieval times. We started chatting about our writing and shared encouragement and advice. I find it so cool that I have an author friend from Romania! I adoreContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 12”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 5

As I sought beta readers, I tried to get a wide variety of people so I could have multiple perspectives reacting to  A Cursed Enchantment.  I intended the novel to be a book for all ages — and both boys and girls.  Liam is my youngest beta reader, just coming out of the 3rd grade. Continue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 5”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 4

Just like every snowflake has its own pattern and each person has its own fingerprint, each author has his or her own voice and style. I have always been an avid reader, but since I became an author, I have come to appreciate the diversity in writing even more. Reading other authors’ works calls meContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 4”

A Cursed Enchantment

I have been falling in love with quite the family of characters. Miniatures brought to life by the greatest magician in all Crepundia, they have been abandoned and must find their way in a world full of perils. I can’t decide which character I like best: Nana, whose quirky sayings are full of wisdom? Livia,Continue reading “A Cursed Enchantment”