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Episode One — Violet from Violet’s Vow

Welcome Violet and her creator, Jenny Knipfer, to our first morning at Character Cafe'!

Welcome to Character Cafe’, Mrs. Violet Brooks! I am so glad you could take a little break from working in your shop to have some morning tea with me!

Mrs. Violet Brooks

I so appreciate you having me. And now that I have an assistant at Fragrant Sentiments, I have much more free time!

Oh, do tell! Who is your new assistant? I knew you needed more help since you lost your husband. So sorry about your loss, by the way.

Thank you for your sympathy. Yes, it has been quite difficult since Roger died over a year ago. I didn’t know if I could afford to hire more help, but Holly was so eager to work in my shop that I could not bear to say no to her. Holly has a way with customers and a knack for arranging flowers — and she is to be married very soon. (By the way, Holly is the heroine of Jenny Knipfer’s first book in the Botanical Season Series, Holly’s Homecoming.)

And doesn’t Holly have a very attractive single uncle?

Um. (clears throat nervously) You could say Mr. Devon Moore is quite handsome for a middle-aged gentleman.

Mr. Devon Moore

You’re blushing, Violet! Hmmm. Do you suspect that Mr. Devon Moore is the one behind the notes being left by a secret admirer?

I have considered that, but there are other possibilities. Other men that could possibly be writing these declarations, I mean.

I am sure readers will be waiting in suspense to find out who your secret admirer is, and also to see the mystery surrounding your husband’s death solved. What would you like readers to know about you and your life?

This is what has been said about my story:

In the late 1890s, intuitive flower shop owner Violet Brooks opens up her heart and business to the Moore family but yet has vowed to get justice for her deceased husband, Roger, whom she believed had died as a result of bucking the Moore lumber company.

Handsome lumber baron Devon Moore frequents Violet’s shop with his niece, Holly, who’s preparing for her upcoming wedding. Running the shop herself after her husband’s death a year prior exhausts Violet, so she hires Holly, surprising herself by hoping to have more chances for her path to cross with Devon’s.

In the meantime, a secret admirer leaves Violet messages in the language of flowers. Her heart blossoms to the sentiments within.

She’s torn between her growing attraction for Devon and her admirer, or are they one in the same?

Journalist Frankie Dermot, an old classmate and flame of Violet’s, comes back to town. Violet enlists his help in her search for the truth about Roger’s death. But when they uncover who’s really responsible for her husband’s passing one year prior, Violet is shocked.

Will Violet shut herself off from newfound love, or will she allow her past vow to her deceased husband to dictate her future and keep her from the man who wins her heart?

You can find my story on Amazon using this sales link:

Thanks for all of that information, Violet! One last thing before you go back to your florist shop — what menu item can we add here at Character Cafe’ to represent you as a personality?

Oh my goodness! It will have to be a botanical tea, or course! There is one that actually has my namesake, called Violet Black Tea, from a Parisian company. It is described as “Black tea evoking sweet floral violet notes.” You can order it online for $12 at!

Thanks for stopping by, Violet. And to all of you readers who love literature, teas, coffees, and tasty treats, I hope you will take the time to visit Violet’s beautiful shop by reading her novel. You will find some delightful characters, and also a character or two that you might want to give a good crack with a floral vase or a gardening hoe! Let me warn you though, Mr. Devon Moore is quite the swoon-instigator. If you can’t handle his charm, lovely faith, and endearing good-looks, you better make sure you are with your significant other when you read Violet’s Vow!

4 responses to “Mornings at Character Cafe’”

  1. This such a fabulous post featuring Violet. Thanks so much for picking her to have tea with you today on your blog!

  2. I was very glad to make Violets aquatenance today. Her whole story has me very intrigued. I love a little mystery and romance and I oh so love Flowers!!!
    I’ll be looking to purchase this book.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Terri, I’m so glad to hear Violet’s story interests you. I worked as a designer in a floral shop for many years before I started writing fiction. I used my experience to help create Violet’s story.


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