Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 15

I “met” Steven Rogers through a mutual Facebook friend and author, Deena Adams, who has been so supportive to authors in her Facebook group, MARATHON – A Community of Christian Fiction Writers and their Cheerleaders. Steven contacted me regarding his novel, Into the Room, and I am so glad he did! His book is quiteContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 15”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith -Episode 13

Kelly Goshorn weaves her affinity for history and her passion for God into uplifting stories of love, faith, and family set in nineteenth century America. Her debut novel, A Love Restored, won the Director’s Choice Award for Adult/YA fiction at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference in 2019, and earned recognition as both aContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith -Episode 13”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 12

Alina Mitrut I “met” Alina in one of the children’s literature groups that I am in on Facebook. Like me, she loves whimsical stories, castles, travel, and medieval times. We started chatting about our writing and shared encouragement and advice. I find it so cool that I have an author friend from Romania! I adoreContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 12”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 10

Deena Adams As a Jesus girl for more than thirty years, Deena understands how important hope is to daily life. That’s why she’s passionate about inspiring others through writing hope-filled fiction and highlighting other Christian authors on her blog.  Deena is an active member of ACFW and two Virginia writer groups, board member of ACFW Virginia, founderContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 10”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 9

Camy Tang It is an honor to have this interview with Camy Tang!  She is such an interesting person, as you will see from her answers.  Culturally, educationally, hobby-wise, and in her writing genres, she has so many unique facets. In addition, her characters and plots are original and fascinating!  I hope you will readContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 9”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 6

An Interview with Traci Wooden-Carlisle I first “met”  Traci Wooden-Carlisle when I saw her beautiful book swag in a Facebook group.  Since I have a love for miniature things, I wanted my own tiny book charms of some of the classics and of the novels I have written.  I loved her Etsy shop, TracesofDesign, andContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 6”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 3

Once August comes, I start gearing up to get back into the classroom.  One thing I love about teaching is that every year is a fresh start.  I love looking for new ideas and making the activities and strategies I have used other years even better. So as I work on the teachers’ guide toContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 3”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 2

Carol Ashby Focusing on life in the Roman Empire Over the past few months, I have enjoyed meeting other authors online.  I have learned so much from all of them!  When I have time, I like to read and review other authors’ works, become a fellow author’s ARC or beta reader, and join launch teams. Continue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 2”