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Featuring Francis Lee from New Beginnings

Good morning, Francis! It is so good to see you out and about. I am so sorry about all of your losses a few months ago when scarlet fever went through town. You got hit so hard, losing your parents and your husband all within a few days. Are you hanging in there okay?

It has not been easy. As I am sure you know, I lost my home as well. But I have begun teaching, which fully occupies my mind. And I am so exhausted from working with the students that I am finally able to fall asleep pretty well some nights.

Oh, we have that in common then. I am a teacher as well — when I am not here running Character Café! How would you describe your personality, Frances?

I am very blunt and speak my mind. Of course, that tends to get me in trouble. I can be nice at times though, especially now that I am living with my deceased husband’s cousins. They are agreeable people and have a tendency of overlooking my sass. They don’t think I see it but they like to exchange looks when I say things they don’t agree with.

What is the biggest battle you are facing right now?

Some of my problems are learning to milk an unruly cow, rescuing two beautiful little girls from an alcoholic mother, and catching the eye of the handsome Joseph. But most of all, learning to love again and let God and people into my life. 

Hmm. The handsome Joseph, huh? It is so nice to know you have a love interest after all of your tragedy. I cannot wait to get the scoop when I read your story!

(Frances blushes.) You don’t think it is too soon?

Honey, when you are in your situation, living in your time period, allowing yourself to fall in love and start a new life might be a necessity. Just look at the time. You will have to head to the schoolhouse before you know it. What would you like from Character Café before you have to rush out?

Hot tea, with a little milk and honey, and I love ice cream, especially when I’m eating it with Joseph.

Readers of Character Café, Francis Lee has lost everyone she has ever loved—her father, mother, and her husband Grover to Scarlet Fever. Mr. Bales, who owns her house, is evicting her and sending her to live with Grover’s cousin Sam, his wife, and two daughters in the town of Forlorn.
Francis goes to Forlorn to start life all over again as the town’s new school teacher. Sam’s wife, Faith, helps Francis to find God’s love and she accepts Him as her Savior. She also meets Grover’s other cousin, Joseph, and forms a relationship with him. But turmoil and jealousy at the fall festival makes her rethink a life spent with Joseph. Will the promise of a Thanksgiving marriage come true? Find out in New Beginnings.
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