Mornings at Character Café — featuring Luke from The Newton Chronicles

Welcome to Character Café, Luke.  It’s great to have your friends here, too.

Thanks!  This is Lydia and and Nathan.  If you want to find out about drinks and desserts from all over the world, just ask Lydia.  She also speaks multiple languages.

How impressive!  Nice to meet you, Lydia.  And what about Nathan, what are his interests?

Well, if you need anything off a high shelf in your kitchen, he’s your guy.  Can you believe he used to be shorter than me?

Sounds like Nathan had quite the growth spurt.  Tell me about how you met your friends and what you have been up to.

I didn’t really get to know Lydia until my father disappeared about two years ago.  Then her parents began having my mom and I over for dinner sometimes.  And Nathan – I’ve known him forever.  His dad is the pastor at my church.  And it was one of his sermons that started our adventures. 

What do you mean?

Pastor mentioned Isaac Newton and got me interested in what Newton believed about God.  Then Nathan I got started in talking about my dad being an archeologist and wondering what he thought of Newton, which led to us going into my dad’s study and looking for clues as to what he was studying before he disappeared.

What did you find? 

We found the blueprint for the original temple of Israel – Solomon’s temple.

How cool!

Yes.  And my dad’s notes were very mysterious and seemed to link time with a list of scientists and Solomon’s temple. I also discovered that an heirloom watch that had been passed down to my father was missing, and I didn’t understand why my father would have taken in on an archeological dig when he had more accurate digital watches or even his phone to keep time. 

We kept on finding more clues – and with Lydia being able to read so many languages, we eventually ended up in another time and space.  There’s more to the story, but your café is filling up so I don’t want to take up more of your time.

Hold on, Luke.  Are you saying that you…. time traveled?

Believe it or not, yes.  Our first stop in the time continuum ended up during Passover in Jerusalem.  And we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Jesus riding on a donkey down the stone street.  WE GOT TO SEE JESUS CHRIST – THE SON OF GOD in the flesh! 

But I thought you were trying to find out about the first temple – and that was destroyed hundreds of years before Jesus’ time, wasn’t it?

Well, yes.  But I was worried that maybe my dad traveled here first and so we decided to stick around and look for him.  We stayed another day and got to experience what it was like when Israel was ruled by the Romans.  And then we moved on.  But I am not going to tell you anymore.  Sorry, but if you want to find out more about our adventures to an even earlier time, you have to read The Newton Chronicles:  Soldiers, Temples, and Crystals.   

I’ll be sure to, Luke.  I want to know where else you ended up in history.  And I am especially dying to find out if you found your father. 

If I told you now, you wouldn’t need to buy the book – ha-ha!  One thing all of us got hooked on while we were in ancient Israel were olives.  Do you have anything with olives at the café?

We have a lovely olive spread that our guest love to eat with our fresh-out-of-the-oven artisan bread.  The spread is called Tampenade.  Here is the recipe from Cookie and Kate:

I also have a special sampling of teas, Adamin Mount of Olives sampler from the Holyland if you would like to try one of the flavors:  My favorite is the apple spice.

Thanks, Amy.  I’ll try both.  Spending time with the ancients definitely expanded what my taste buds find satisfying.  And thanks for having us at Character Café!

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5 responses to “Mornings at Character Café — featuring Luke from The Newton Chronicles”

  1. Oh my goodness. I need these chronicles!!! I was hooked when I read Solomons temple, scientists, they saw Jesus in the flesh and time continuum. This sounds so exciting!!!! I love olives too and the spread sounds delicious in artisan bread.
    Thanks for interviewing Luke.

  2. Sounds like the perfect read for my younger cousins!

    1. I am sure they would love a copy! Thanks for stopping by Character Café!

  3. Beatrice LaRocca Avatar
    Beatrice LaRocca

    I enjoyed reading these character interviews and I am looking forward to reading The Newton Chronicles: Soldiers, Crystals, and Temples with my tee-aged grandchildren, this sounds like an excellent book and series

    1. It is such a good book! And it inspires the reader to imagine further. A great place to start a discussion on biblical happenings!

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