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A very enjoyable party will be tendered on the 11th and 12 of August in celebration of the anniversary of the birth of novels by Mrs. Maria Henriksen, known as the Not Again Series. Many novelists will be present and there are certain to be gifts available to those who earn them by participating. The address is

The book advertised above is the fortunate possessor of an author who is willing to reduce the price of its parting. Mrs. Anna Jensen is honored to usher it to a good home. For inquiries, look no further than

Dame Anne Perreault will regale us with her witticism and wisdom while narrating stories of various sorts. All one must do to benefit from the reduced prices is visit

It has come to the attention of the Wordsmithborough Society Pages editor that there is a new spectacle to behold on Facebook Street: The Apron String Book Series specializes in a century of cookery as told by eleven novelists.

Honors have been apportioned to one of Wordsmithborough’s most honorable citizens. NOT FOR LOVE in the Lumberjacks & Ladies collection is a current semi-finalist for an ACFW Carol Award. Season of My Enemy was an earlier finalist for a Readers’ Choice Award (FHLCW). Felicitations to Mrs. Naomi Musch.

Many friends were invited to attend the presentation of a fantastical novel by Mrs. Jenny Knipfer. This has been touted as the premiere fairy tale of the season and is a credit to the town of Wordsmithborough.

Mrs. Patti Wolf will open her pageful home to neighbors and readers from near and far for the occasion of the release of a novel forty days hence.

“Lady Diane Flowers has spoken with exuberance regarding Dame Carrie Turanksy’s creation: “The Legacy of Longdale Manor’ is Carrie Turansky’s first attempt at writing a dual-timeline novel and what a lovely accomplishment! Although the stories are 100 years apart she has flawlessly interwoven beautiful settings and intertwined captivating characters whose lives somehow touch one another.” Doors to this story are scheduled to open in December.

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  1. Please write MORE, just like this!!! Oh how I love to read words like this. It takes me to an era and a time I long to know. The way you worded each authors description of them and their books makes me want to read them all the more!!! Thank you for this morning’s pleasure reading!! Better than any newspaper around here!❤️
    Please accept my RSVP to this extravagant party ball of accredited authors!

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