Mornings at Character Café

Episode 2 – Glory Ann from The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery

Welcome to Character Café, Glory Ann! And oh my goodness, I guess congratulations are in order!

Yes! Thank you! This big belly is getting in the way. I can barely even do the dishes without getting myself soaked with dishwater these days.

I remember how it was! I gained fifty-five pounds when I was pregnant with my son! I hope it has been an easy pregnancy, though!

Oh, I can’t complain. It has been so much easier than my first pregnancy. During those days I was so sad that I barely thought I could hold on to the next day. But um…

(clears throat after an awkward pause) No worries. You can tell us what you were going to say after you get to know us readers better. I do know a little about your circumstances. And I am so sorry about the loss of your first love. I sure am grateful for his service to our country. And I really look up to you for moving on and starting a family after all the devastating losses you have gone through.

Well, since you brought it up, Amy. One thing that has really been bothering me the past few weeks is how Clarence may change when this baby comes. Is he going to feel closer to this little once since he is the real daddy? He says that he is pretty sure my little girl hung the moon. And he loves to spend time with her. And I cannot tell you what a sweet and gentle man he is. Why, he took me in and claimed my baby without ever having seen me before. He risked his reputation, his livelihood really — you know how it is here in the south. I would have worn the scarlet letter if it had gotten out — and my own family no longer has anything to do with me. But Clarence seemed to love me from the very first day. (A tear trickles down Glory Ann’s cheek.) I’m sorry. These pregnancy hormones.

Oh Glory Ann. There is no need to say you are sorry. I think your transparency will really have readers eager to read your story. To find out more about Clarence — and if you were ever able to fall in love with him the way you loved Jimmy. And if his parents ever got to know that he had a child…

And there are many more secrets for readers to unravel as they get a glimpse of the Old Depot Grocery both in my time and in the time of Sarah. Sarah has her own story to tell set during your time, Amy. She has had her own hard times and shares many connections to me. But I don’t want to give anything away.

Yes, we are a spoiler-free zone at Character Café! Can you tell us what time period you are from?

I will give your readers a hint! Look at these photos and guess!

Love the collage! I think readers will be able to tell by the car what decade you are referring to. But Glory Ann, do you mean to tell me that you have eaten those sorts of foods? The Jell-O concoction and whatever that is with Spam on the top?

I didn’t make either personally, but I saw both at different occasions. There were some ladies that lived near us that were more adventurous than I in the kitchen. Clarence was such a sweetheart that he actually tried them. And he didn’t spit them out! He just kept his sweet smile on his face and said, “My my, Louise, but that is different. It is no wonder you are known for your cooking in these parts.”

Speaking of food, we have a southern-inspired section on Character Cafe’s menu. Why don’t you pick a couple of things on us — for you and the baby?

You are so kind! I am so glad you have sweet tea on the menu! And I will have a slice of your Pineapple Upside Down Cake. This baby has really affected my taste buds. I have such a craving for sweet things!

Coming right up! And before I leave you to enjoy your dessert and tea, where can readers go to get to know you better?

Well, I am so glad you asked. I would love to invite all of you to the Hope-filled Fiction Book Club on Facebook. There is a lovely group of ladies that will be meeting during the summer to discuss my novel. And my creator, Amanda Cox will be popping in once in a while as well! You are going to love her! There will be Giveaways — really nice ones too. The more you interact with the group, the more chances you will get to win something really nice! Here is the link:

Thank you so much for stopping by, Glory Ann! I cannot wait to read more of your story. I am only on the sixth chapter, and already Amanda Cox has pulled the rug out from under me a few times. So many unexpected and both heart wrenching and heartwarming things already!

That’s my story — and Sarah’s. Full of both angst and blessings. The Lord gives and takes away. And I hope I learn to trust Him and choose joy regardless of my circumstances by the end! Please feel free to stop at the Old Depot any time. I am still coming out front to work from time to time. Just have to carry this little one with me!

Thank you for stopping by, Readers! In honor of Glory Ann, I want to introduce you to Pineapple Upside Down Cake Tea! You can put a little twist to your sweet tie by adding just a bit of pineapple and cherry juice to your taste. I highly recommend. As for hot tea, here is one that I am eager to try!

And here is the link to Amanda Cox’s beautiful novel — whether you plan to join the Hope-filled Fiction group or not! I only wish I had gotten to this book sooner. Amanda has a beautiful way with words!

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  1. Terri Flowers Avatar
    Terri Flowers

    Always enjoy sitting down at your Cafe to meet new characters. I sure can resonate with Glory Ann on many levels. I’m anxiously awaiting to hear more of Sarah’s story as well.

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