Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Bonus Edition

I am happy to introduce you to one of my favorite teens — Violet Perry! Violet is such a talented blogger and website designer. She is an awesome supporter of authors — especially indie authors! Violet is constantly reading and reviewing books. Enjoy this interview with a teen who is willing to go above andContinue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Bonus Edition”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 5

As I sought beta readers, I tried to get a wide variety of people so I could have multiple perspectives reacting to  A Cursed Enchantment.  I intended the novel to be a book for all ages — and both boys and girls.  Liam is my youngest beta reader, just coming out of the 3rd grade. Continue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith — Episode 5”

Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 2

Carol Ashby Focusing on life in the Roman Empire Over the past few months, I have enjoyed meeting other authors online.  I have learned so much from all of them!  When I have time, I like to read and review other authors’ works, become a fellow author’s ARC or beta reader, and join launch teams. Continue reading “Wisdom from a Wordsmith – Episode 2”