Mornings at Character Café — The Promise

Are you okay? You look like you could use some TLC. Let me just finish cleaning off this table, and you can sit down right here. We believe a great hot drink and some comfort food is great therapy here at Character Café.

Thank you. My name is Dakota… Taylor (sniffs). I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I have been dating Shane Donovan for… a year. We met, actually, during that heat wave last year. You know, the one that had all of Boston in a strangle-hold for a week?

Don’t I know. Wouldn’t you know it, our air conditioner went that week. We had to close the café.

I was working as manager of a pizza joint. We closed late one night and I wanted to take a shortcut to the closest T-station. Only thing was, I encountered a group of gang members, who were up to no good at that time. It was a good thing that Shane and his rookie partner, Mason, were out on patrol and knew something was up. Shane diffused the situation in such a calm manner, I was immediately drawn to him.

Sounds like a great guy. Is he going to join you for a coffee?

No. (looks away to compose her face) There’s more to the story. We became really good friends, until Labor Day weekend, which we spent at his family’s estate in Vermont. He asked me to marry him, because Shane doesn’t do anything half way. He always jumps in with both feet. We decided to wait to get married while he trained to become a K9 handler.

He actually bought his own dog, Arko. I love that dog, and I’ve never had a pet in my life. They make an amazing team. The hardest thing I’ve gone through was letting go of my fear that is involved with being in a relationship with someone like Shane, someone who has been called to serve as a police officer.

That must be a stressful — being in love with a police officer.

I definitely had to go to God, and actually second guessed our relationship last Christmas. But then I realized that I would rather have Shane for as much as God allows me. It was a really hard decision. But that paled in comparison to what is happening now. The thing is, my God supplies all my needs, especially now. I’m just afraid of the outcome of this situation. There are so many things that are… it’s difficult.

I am so sorry that you are going through a hard time. If you ever need to talk, I’m here for you. I know we just met, but I make lots of friends fast here at the café.

Thank you. I have a really good friend, Jayne. I can vent to her when I need to. But I can always do with more friends. Jayne is going to love this place.

When I am really sad, I try to think of my favorite things. You know, like in The Sound of Music?

(Gives a teary laugh) A few of my favorite things in life… mmm… I suppose that would be playing with Arko and Shane in the back yard of our new home. But… it’s mostly me right now, making sure that Arko is taken care of. Spending the weekend at the Donovan estate in Vermont. You gotta see that place. It’s gorgeous. They have a top notch chef on staff. Incidentally, it’s where Shane and I shared our first kiss. That was a kiss to remember. Shane’s kisses are one of my favorite favorites. (chokes back a sob.) Sorry to be so emotional.

No worries, sweetie.

Top thing on my list is hanging with my bff, Jayne. Right now, she’s a bit… she’s quite wise right now. It is a shocker to all, especially her husband. I think the pregnancy is giving her some extra gray matter. Because normally, she would be making some snarky remark about our situation. Being pregnant has mellowed her and she’s been a source of encouragement.

Good for Jayne. That’s not how it was for me when I was pregnant. I was a bit of a ditz. Not sure I got all that grey matter back. (laughs) Tell me your favorite food and beverage. I am going to treat you to a nice brunch.

My favorite food would be taco pizza. I guess it’s something Shane and I share. It reminds me of how our relationship started. He walked into the restaurant after rescuing me and asked me to suggest a dish. He trusted me. It made an impression on me. He saw me, where others usually don’t even bother. So, yeah. It would be taco pizza. And tuna casserole, a favorite of Shane’s. Desert would be Moose Tracks ice cream. Don’t even come to my house without bringing that. Especially not right now. I need all the Moose Tracks I can get.

Hmm. Well, the closest item we have on our menu is really lovely. All the ladies love it. We have the Savory Scone Sandwich with Seared Ahi Tuna. The scone is cut in half and grilled in a thin layer of salted butter. Chef Plottwist adds some pesto-mayo.

(Looks skeptical.)

Tell you what. Try it and if you don’t like it, you can pick something else from the menu.

You are so sweet. So glad I stopped by.

You aren’t going to believe it — we have a Moose Tracks tea. We get it from a company in Canada. It’s a blend of coconut, fair trade coffee beans, organic almonds, hazelnut, chocolate, and a rich base of Sri Lankan black tea.

Sounds amazing!

Tea-loving friends, here is the link to this amazing tea:

I can’t think of a better hot drink to sip while reading Dakota’s story, The Promise by Anne Perreault.

The Promise is the third novel in The Protect and Serve series. Anne is an amazing writer with a huge heart. I so appreciate these books that spotlight the sacrifices police officers make both in the line of duty and in their relationships.

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