Mornings at Character Café — Featuring Molly from Dress Shop Miracles

Hi Molly, I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to come to Character Café.  Our special today is Apple Cider tea and Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps.  Want to give them a try?

Sure they sound delicious. Thanks, Terri!

You’re so welcome. So, tell me, Molly, how did you come about wanting to own a dress shop?

Well, it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child.  My Mother always told me to follow my dreams, she would be so proud of me.  Besides, what girl doesn’t like to have a pretty dress or outfit?  And, not just a pretty one, but a comfortable one.  It was my goal to make sure that women not only look nice but are comfortable too.  I realized this when I started volunteering at a Women’s Shelter here in town.  Women need business attire to be able to go to job interviews and to work in office settings and why shouldn’t they be comfortable doing it.

Oh, Molly, you are certainly on to something here!!!  I love comfy clothes.

Tell us a little about your dress shop?

Sure, I’d be happy to.  I have been working hard to save money to find the right place, and my boyfriend Ted, my friend Hetty, and many other merchants in our little town of Pinewood village pitched in too.  Ted knew all the right questions to ask when I was getting ready to sign the contract to buy the building, I was so thankful to have him by my side during this big transaction.  Hetty has always been so supportive as well.  We are childhood friends, she knows what it’s like to start up a business, and she has her own shop just down the street from me.  Many of the other merchants in town helped me with so many different things as I was getting ready for my Grand Opening.

What an exciting event, and at such an opportune time around the holidays when everyone is looking for gifts for friends and family.  I’m sure there will be many happy young ladies with new outfits for Christmas this year, right, Molly?

Well, that would be true; however, the day of the Grand Opening, literally a couple of hours before, I received notice that the shop had to be closed immediately and the Grand Opening had to be canceled.  

That’s awful!  You must have been devastated!  

Oh, I sobbed!  Everyone was trying to console me, but it was just the worst thing ever.  After all that hard work and everyone joining in to help.  I couldn’t believe this was really happening.

Oh my, I totally forgot to get the Apple Cider Tea and our cookies.  Go on and tell us a little more, can you? Without spoiling the good stuff?!

Well, I can tell you that all the while I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get my dress shop open, Ted was working on some things of his own to help, unbeknown to me.  Later this ends up springing a leak, and Ted and I call it quits.  I’m heartbroken once again.  My actions through all of this have caused my friend Hetty to call me out on my faith.  And I don’t know if Ted and my relationship will ever be mended.  I don’t even know how I’m going to get my dress shop open in time for Christmas. I really need a Christmas miracle, maybe more than one…

Oh, Molly, I sure hope you and Ted can work things out, and I hope you can get the dress shop opened. 

Thanks, Terri, me too. It’s just been one thing after another.  I really need to ask God for his help and guidance, and hope I didn’t destroy my testimony before Hetty.   Thanks for the tea and the cookies they were great!  I need to get back to my shop; make sure you read Dress Shop Miracles to see what happens. 

“Molly is determined to achieve her dream as a dress shop owner before accepting Ted’s marriage proposal. But as the Christmas-season grand opening approaches, an unexpected curve derails her plans—which means possibly letting go of her career hopes. But at least she has Ted … or does she?

Ted, a former city guy turned small-town farmer, longs to marry Molly more than anything. He also wants her happy doing what she loves. He uses his city connections to help solve her problems, but when his secret comes to light, she wants nothing more to do with him.

As if life isn’t hard enough, a stranger enters Molly’s life, testing her faith even further. She tries to move forward with a broken heart, when she learns that God had been working behind the scenes all along and that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without His miracles and healing grace.”

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  1. Such a lovely interview of Molly! Her story is a great read too.

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