An Afternoon at Character Café with Rachel from Lilac Cottage

Come on in and join me for some tea and a sweet or savory, Rachel.  Totally my treat – because I know you are going through some tough things right now.

Thanks, Amy! I have to admit, I’m more of a French press coffee kind of gal but if you have some strong black tea, I’ll try it in honor of Gram, who enjoyed it. I sure miss her. I was her caretaker until near the end.

That’s hard.  Are you really close with your Gram?

I was very close to my grandmother and she was more my mother figure than my own mom. It’s for the best that I lived with her, because some things happened with my mom that were really “beyond the pale,” as Gram would have said.

Obviously, that’s a concern.  I don’t know your whole story but since your Gram had custody of you, something bad must have gone down with your mother.

Some of that can’t really be shared, because it was so awful. Narcissists, like my mom, are always thinking of their own needs. I may be on my own, and alone now, but. . .

Rachel, remember you are NEVER alone.

So true. Since I’ve gotten salvation, I do know that—but sometimes I need the reminder. Thanks! True words.

They are true.   Now tell me about a happy memory of your Gram. 

Gram loved her flowers, her friends, and going up North to Mackinac Island to the family cottage. As you can see in the picture, Grand Hotel is perched on West Bluff and it’s not far from Lilac Cottage. I remember Gram being so thrilled to see all the lilacs beginning to bloom, in June, when we were there.

Sounds idyllic.  Cling to those beautiful memories.   And cling to your Heavenly Father okay?  And now before you need to go figure out what you are going to do next, I’d like to pick out a tea and a sweet for you to remind you of your times with your gram along Lake Huron.

How about you accompany me, instead, to Lucky Bean where I now work? We’ve got some amazing coffee flavors and the owner, Carolyn May, is so sweet! We have some yummy muffins and scones, too! If you really want some tea, though, I bet we could find some for you! 😉 😉

Thanks for having me on your blog!

To read Rachel’s story set in the lovely Lilac Cottage on Mackinac Island, go to

Out of options, after losing her job and apartment, Rachel Dunmara “camps out” at her deceased Grandmother’s cottage on Mackinac Island. Next door, her childhood nemesis, Jack Welling, is overseeing his family’s remodeling of their home on the West Bluff. When Rachel’s new boss, at a local coffee shop, pushes her to work as Jack’s assistant, for her second job, can they mend their rift?

Kareen Parker, widowed in the past year, returns to the island to share long-held information with her son and to transition ownership of her resort to her son. Her grandson befriends Rachel, who was banned by her family from associating with the Parkers.

After a summer full of secrets that are finally revealed, can three families be healed?

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  1. What a fun character interview! This will be an interesting read with the secrets from Rachel’s childhood. Lilac Cottage sounds like a beautiful place.

  2. This sounds like a good book .

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